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About us

Ghraowi Chocolate Company is a branch of Bashar Ghraowi Chocolate located in Corpus Christi, Texas. 
Bashar Ghraowi Chocolate is a famous chocolate store in Damascus, Syria. 
The Ghraowi family has a long history with making chocolate started back in 1939 when Mr. Tayseer Ghraowi established a foundation of making chocolates, candy and Damascus marmalade. This profession was like any other old profession in Syria inherited from father to son.
Therefore, his son Mr. Bashar Ghraowi inherited this profession, and he continued on working in the chocolate industry.
In 2005, he became the establishment manager of the company.
Currently, the company in Syria is named after Mr. Bashar Ghraowi who developed it according to the new industry demands. He introduced new mechanisms and created many kinds of fillings and chocolate.
In 2016, Mr.Bashar Ghraowi opened a branch  of his work in the United State in Corpus Christi, Texas.